is alive

treat it with care

At first glance, Florence might look like an open-air museum, but stay longer and you’ll realize that it is alive and consists of people, places, and centuries of history and traditions. This means that Florence must be treated with care.
Please become part of Florence by enjoying and respecting the city. Follow these few simple tips to better organize your visit and you’ll have an unforgettable experience that is both informed and sustainable. 

Enjoy & respect Florence!


I’ve got
my eye on you!

Respect locals
who live,
work and sleep
in Florence

new moves

By foot, bike or bus
are clever ways to get around

Give yourself
a divine reward

Choose local crafts and traditional
foods for a heavenly experience

Who’s the
pigeon here?

You deserve a unique and clean
experience. Follow our tips to create it.

Be smart

Plan your visit to make
the most of your time
in and around Florence

Drink water

Use public water fountains,
reduce waste and recycle correctly